Gionni Di Clemente guitarist, composer and arranger | contemporary classic, ethno jazz

Gionni Di Clemente        guitarist, composer and arranger

  • recording the OUD
    recording the OUD
  • solo concert
    solo concert
  • new project: TRIAT
    new project: TRIAT
  • Spoleto57 Festival dei 2Mondi
    Spoleto57 Festival dei 2Mondi
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Gionni Di Clemente

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Jam session at  theFrame Drum Festival

jam session at frame drum festival

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Parco Villa Colloredo Mels

Impronte Mediterranee

Gionni Di Clemente, Mike Rossi, Francesco Savoretti

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Gionni Di Clemente Francesco Savoretti Mike Rossi Festival Adriatico Mediterraneo

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Gionni Di Clemente - impronte Mediterranee

Nürnberg – St. Katharina open air

19. Nürnberger Gitarrennacht •”Impronte Mediterranee”: Gionni Di Clemente (Gitarre, Oud), Mike Rossi (Saxophon), Francesco Savoretti (Percussion)


South Africa Tour – with Mike Rossi and Ronin Skillen

Guitar Month: Gionni Di Clemente Trio     November is Guitar Month at The Crypt. And so we’re pulling out all the stops to celebrate our favourite 6-stringed instrument! We’ve got amazing artists, wonderful bands and a South African exclusive! Some of the most talented guitarists in Cape Town will[...]


Norway Tour

Gionni Di Clemente & Alf Wilhelm Lundberg Live at Dokkhuset kulturnatt festival