Gionni Di Clemente, Mike Rossi, Francesco Savoretti

Gionni Di Clemente        guitarist, composer and arranger

Gionni Di Clemente, Mike Rossi, Francesco Savoretti

Ancona Mediterraneo Festival

“impronte mediterranee”


Gionni Di Clemente: 10 string classical guitar, 12-acoustic, oud

Mike Rossi: tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinet

Francesco Savoretti: drums and mediterranean percussions

Jazz and experimentation on ethnic traditions are certainly the very ground on which Gionni Di Clemente, Mike Rossi and Francesco Savoretti move, comparing their experiences, their influences, interchange and confidence. Yet, as it can be easily imagined, this is not enough to represent the linear complexity of the work proposed by the three musicians.The melody is always central in their music, and from this comes a direct and clear performance, as said before. The melody is composed of various balkan rhythms, a typical jazz plot, and oriental reflections, elements interpreted by the sounds and timbres produced by the various instruments. In both cases, sounds and rhythms reflects influences, links and experiences from different backgrounds and worlds.

These are the very “Mediterranean Footprints” contained in the title. The word “Mediterranean” here does not only mean a precise geographical place but it also carries metaphorical meanings: it points out that this is the land of synthesis and comparison, where traditions and personal intuitions can merge without intermediation. The CD tracks show precisely this: this a play among three brilliant musicians, their experiences and intentions, their voices, their stories represented by their themes.

“Footprints” here attract all the elements coming from the past, but also, at the same time, all the footsteps still to be performed. Fabio Ciminiera

“Be prepared for a sonorous kick!”copertina cd

“All have poly-rhythmic, cross-cultural training and love for the unique.”

“It’s quite a ride! “ …“This CD travels far…”

“I saw them at Cape Town’s cozy all-jazz The Mahogany Room, a must for any jazz lover.”

“Impronte Mediterranee is an unusual CD which brings a color and texture to a type of improvised world music”

“a work that seems to happily escape any kind of classification, moving into new territories at each turn.”

“this a play among three brilliant musicians, their experiences and intentions, their voices, their stories represented by their themes.”

Giongionnini Di Clemente Italy

Unconventional musician, guitarist, composer and arranger, is a well-known multi-string performer and recording artist: 10 string classical guitar, oud, 12-acoustic guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, sitar. He performed his music extensively in a wide variety of international settings from jazz to contemporary classic to world music, in Italy, Spain, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Norway, Morocco, South Africa. Since 2009 he is the Art Director of Paesaggi Acustici Festival.


MiMike Rossi, soprano (2)ke Rossi Usa/South Africa

Saxophonist of Darius Brubeck quartet, some of his performing and recording credits include appearances with David Liebman, Aretha Franklin, Clark Terry, Joe Williams, Tony Bennett, George Russell, The Boston Big Band, The Artie Shaw Orchestra, The Mike Campbell Big Band and The African Jazz Pioneers. Mike Rossi is Professor in Jazz and Woodwinds at the South African College of Music, University of Cape Town. Mike regularly performs at jazz festivals and conducts workshops and master-classes in Africa, Europe and the United States.

Francesco Sfrancescoavoretti  Italy

Mediterranean percussionist and drummer, with an intense musical activity all over the world: China, India, Usa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hong Kong, Korea, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, in the most important festival of the world: Montreal Jazz Festival, Melbourne Jazz Festival, Java Jazz Festival in Giakarta; Bangkok jazz festival in Thailandia; Jazz in Bayreuth in Germania; National Arts Festival of Grahamstown, South Africa; Tamburi mundi in Friburgo.…



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