Gionni Di Clemente        guitarist, composer and arranger


Gionni Di ClementeUnconventional musician, guitarist, composer and arranger, Gionni Di Clemente is a well-known multi-string performer and recording artist: 10-string classical guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, oud, bouzouki, mandolin, sitar.
He begins by studying the classical guitar, dealing with whether the repertory of the great masters of the spanish tradition, or less academic expressive forms, such as bossa-nova and the flamenco guitar.
The continuous musical and cultural research brings him naturally to be very concerned about the different ethnic traditions, and to study the melodies and the rhythms of the arabian, balkan and Indian music. The study of the modes and typical scales of these cultures, allows him to further develop his musical language, particularly with regard to the improvisation.

In november 2006 he publishes his first record (Danza degli Spiriti, ED.227) produced by DodiciLune Records, and welcomed by wide approvals of the specialized critic with valuable reviews on the greatest international musical magazines and on the web.

He performed his music extensively in a wide variety of international settings from jazz to contemporary classic to world music, in Italy, Spain, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Norway, Morocco.

He has written music for film and theater and worked as an arranger for several authors
Since 2008 Gionni Di Clemente collaborates with the Canadian poet George Elliott Clarke writing the music to accompany the verses, interpreted by the same author, in the most important festivals in the world of poetry.

In 2012 he wrote the music for the book-cd – “Canto un mondo libero” for ETS editions, achieved through collaboration between the University Ca ‘Foscari of Venice, the University of Pisa, and the University of Cape Town.

In early 2013 he released his new album “Impronte Mediterranee” recorded in trio with percussionist Francesco Savoretti and Saxophonist Mike Rossi.


“Gionni Di Clemente is a specialist of all string instruments… he works out a personal, formative and improvised style, defined by the fusion of different expressive forms.” (Renato Trevisani, Suono)

“Eclectic guitarist, he passes with equalskill, technique and taste from guitar to sitar, the bouzouki, Oud..”(Percussioni, dic 2007)

“A record extremely intimate, elegant… Gionni Di Clemente is doubtless a receptive musician compared to musical traditions of the cultures very near to the ours. One is suddenly charmed, as soon as one begins the listening, by the lovely sonorities that characterize each single piece… a music that goes at first through the heart and not only through the mind. The ten tracks are a succession of small jewels which exite and involve the listener. Concluding, the record of Gionni Di Clemente’s ensemble is a small work of art.” (Achille Zoni, Jazzitalia)

“An elegant world jazz, that melts in original compositions of the leader the mediterranean and the middleeastern sound with the cultured european music. Personal and versatile musician, (Gionni) is very effective with the six strings” (Jazzmagazine ,24feb 2007)

“The opening of «Danza degli Spiriti» introduces perfectly in the musical philosophy of Gionni Di Clemente, a thought soaked in the culture of «the other», in the diversity seen as richness.” (Marco Leopizzi,

“«Dance of the Spirits» is with no doubt a small masterpiece whether for style or the quality” (Luca Labrini, Jazz Convention)


Hemsbacher Gitarrenkonzert, Hemsbach – Hockenheim Guitar Festival – Germania;
Long Night of Culture, Kaiserslautern – Buchen guitar festival – Germania;
IX International Acoustic guitar Tour in Ungheria e Romania;
Kulturnatt Festival, Haugesund – Dokkhuset Scene,Trondheim – Norvegia (in programma con Chick Corea, John Scofield Trio)
Festival Internazionale Buskers e Musica Etnica;
Auditorium del Goethe Institute di Rabat in Marocco;
Marni Jazz Club, Pescara; Tam Festival, Civitanova Marche;
“Acustica in Libreria” alla Rinascita di Roma;
Castellarte Festival 09 a Castelli (TE);
Canone Inverso, Atri;
Lazzaretto in Jazz, Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona;
International Guitar Festival “Paesaggi Acustici”;
Jazz & Wine Festival, Offida (Ap)
Territori Sonori 2010, Senigallia;
Sibilla Summer Night 2011; Castelbasso 2011;
Festival Adriatico Mediterraneo 2012, Ancona;
SeeDerSinne Festival – Germania