TRIAT “In a dense fog” – CD OUT

Gionni Di Clemente        guitarist, composer and arranger

TRIAT “In a dense fog” – CD OUT

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“In a dense fog” – RaRa records


GIONNI DI CLEMENTE   10-string classical guitar, oud, bouzouki, pedal effects
GREG BURK   piano, moog, keyboards
GIUSEPPE FRANCHELLUCCI   cello, pedal effects
DOMENICO CANDELLORI   drums, percussions, synth drum

One can hear all the suggestions of a music that inhabits the border between musical genres, a border both geographical and spiritual, a border that merits crossing and respect.

In the first place, the nature of the ensemble reveals this: open and without preconceived design, a timbral mixture that unites the contemporary sound of electronics with the ancestral vibration of strings, percussion and the voice. Furthermore, all the musicians share spontaneously in the manipulation and mixing of sounds to elicit both emotional and rational responses.

The music, composed by Gionni Di Clemente and interpreted by this ensemble, travels through numerous references to arrive at different destinations: strong modal connotations, played on rhythmic pedals, circular dynamics, and hypnotic repetition.

The title evokes borders and fog. The depth of the improvisations reveal a game, both defined and open ended This play of light and darkness allows listeners to respond to the meaning and suggestions offered by the music.

Fabio Ciminiera